Bleach and Dustbunnies

Spring cleaning round 2 started today. Last weekend I cleaned out my closet and clothes and ended up with 4 bags of things to donate.

This weekend I have decided to get rid of the dustbunnies and scrub the house head to toe, or more like ceilings to floors.

Where does dust come from in the winter? I don't see dirt outside all I see is white snow and ice. How does dust get in the house when the windows have been closed since November? It just doesn't make sense to me. Where can all this dirt come from? I think that I am going to blame it on Stan and Molly since a lot of it seems to be kitty fur intwined with the dust.

Somedays I am tempted to shave the cats. They shed and shed yet they don't seem to be getting bald. I must admit that the pounds of hair that come out of my own head are also all over the place. They must take after their mother and just have way too much hair for their own good.

The Ipod is cranked up loud and I am a cleaning machine. Happy Saturday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, if you knew the contents of dust, you'll be bleaching your floors.

    There made of three specific things. It's disgusting. I wish it never existed but alas that's how life goes.