A Tickle In My Throat

My throat is starting to hurt. I have had that tickle you get before you get sick for most of the afternoon. One that won't go away, and leaves me clearing my throat in that gross way strangers do on a bus or plane that is just annoying enough you want to smack them.

The timing of this tickle could not be worse. I will be getting on an airplane destined for a warmer climate tomorrow. A work conference Friday, and then fun in Sunny San Diego all weekend. I will be that stranger on the plane tomorrow-that someone will probably want to smack.

Apologizes for who ever has to sit next to me. And heres to hoping I snore A LOT tonight, just as a little payback to my dear husband who snored horribly last night keeping me awake. All when he got 12 hours of sleep....

I love you honey, aren't you glad someone else gets to sleep with me for the weekend?

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  1. Love your blog! I nominated you for Stylish Blogger award, come pick it up at my blog.