Home Sweet Home

Since I am returning "home" I have been thinking about the things that I miss from my childhood and can't wait to experience again, even if it is only for a few days.....And in no particular order they are below

1. Waking up to the coffee already being made by my fantastic mommy and sitting watching the Today show with her...Refill's of my coffee are also a great perk :)

2. Sitting in my dad's recliner for hours on end and him "pretending" to kick me out of his chair (I know he is secretly happy that I am there even if I am in his spot)

3. Running to the hot tub on the slippery deck in my bathrobe (or no clothes at all) trying to not let Lady lick my butt (yes I realize this is odd, and I am naked....and yes Lady is the big dog who lives outside) Then sitting in the warm hot tub watching the night sky hearing the cows moo.

4. Watching Thursday night TV with my mom and trying to stay awake until 11pm (yes I'm old and Thursday night TV ends at 10pm when you are on CST time) eating popcorn.

5. Not having feet of snow outside my front door, and being able to wear just a sweatshirt when riding a bike down the lane to get the mail.

6. Knowing just about everyone when you go somewhere, even in the "big city"...The Safeway store is a sure place to run into at least 10 people that I know or knew when I lived there.

 List to be continued tomorrow----I need to finish my laundry. 

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  1. We (Me, Dad & Lady) are so looking forward to sharing all of these with you!!!! Love ya mom