Did you see that One Full House Episode?

So most people start out their stories "Like on that one episode of Friends"

Well my friends, this story does not go that way. Because as far as I can recall, they never did something THIS stupid on Friends......

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The above picture is what most people would use as a "lubricant" in situations such as mine. Get your head out of the gutter people, I am not writing about sex acts. This was a real problem that I was facing.

I bought my bosses old office furniture and Dru and I spent all day yesterday hauling it to our house and assembling it in the spare bedroom (yep thats right, I am no longer sitting in my cold basement). Once we had it all assembled, I started moving things that I would need for my office upstairs. Until I noticed that we had put the desk against the wall and I hadn't yet plugged in the power strip that I would need to work my appliances.

I tried to stick my arm between the desk and wall and it seemed that my arm was a little too large (muscle people, muscle not fat) to fit in order to plug the strip in. I tried to maneuver the little prongs into the hole with no success. I needed a small child, or Stan or Molly needed to learn how to use their little arms for more important tasks rather than just swatting at each other or petting. I needed a miracle people.

So I did what any sane woman would do. I thought of BUTTER. I had seen an episode of Full House one time where Stephanie was babysitting and the boy got his head stuck in something and she used butter to free the little boy. So why wouldn't butter work to slide my arm further down the side of the wall???

Dru was occupied in the bathroom. He fixed himself some sort of Mexican food for dinner that didn't agree with his stomach and I was determined to do this without his help. So I walked to the kitchen, grabbed the full fat butter (why would I use my "Can't Believe It's Not Butter"?....when full fat butter was available? And lubed myself up. My whole arm. Wrist to elbow.

I grabbed the power strip and easily slid my arm down the hole and VIOLA it was in. I had successfully made my arm skinner by using butter to lube up and had plugged the cord in. But wait, my arm was stuck. I couldn't slide it back out of the crevice....

My arm was being held captive by the desk and wall, and it started to hurt. My arm was stuck. I was going to die with butter on my arm, baby kitties licking me and my husband sitting on the toilet. Ensue screaming "I'm STUCK"...HELP!!!!

Dru had no idea what his wife had done, but finished up his "business" and ran to my rescue. He managed to pull the desk away from the wall a little bit so I could slide my butter covered arm out of the crevice.

Then he laughed at me. Why the hell was I covered in butter?

Moral of the story? Butter does work, but can leave you in strange situations where you have to explain to your husband why you are covered in butter and the kitties are following you around for the rest of the evening.....

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  1. LOL Awesome story!

    I've used cooking spray to get my glass doors to slide better.