Hello From Sunny California

I am here-I have been in this glorious state for over 24 hours and was up for almost that many hours yesterday....And it feels good.

The sun is shining and it has to be at least 50 degrees. I went outside w/out shoes on today and it was glorious. Wearing a tank top. I didn't freeze my butt off. Currently my computer is telling me that it is 2 degrees in our little Minnesota town. That makes me incredibly thankful to be in California.

I met my new sister Lucy Dog "Insert my family's last name here"....Yes, that is what she is called. Her official name and both my mom and dad use her full name when talking to her. They talk to the dog quite a bit. And she is treated like a princess. Maybe she takes after her human sister just a little bit? She is kind of a pain in the ass.

Macy-my new niece Puppy is also "visiting" right now. Her grandma went and got her so her dad could take his nap this afternoon. Yes my brother is 26 years old and a dairy farmer who naps each and every afternoon. Ohhh the life.

I also got to meet my friend Jena's baby boy last night. He is such a cutie, and I can't believe that he is 16 months old. We are pretty sure that she started going into labor at our wedding, and he was born 2 days later :) I miss seeing old friends, and am so happy that I could keep my eyes open long enough last night to spend some quality time with my friend Kate and her family and Jena and her family. You are both such beautiful women and I am so happy we are friends!

Now I must get back to work. My parents are not that great at being quiet when I am on conference call's and my mom has talked to 2 different clients since I have been home. But all is good on the home front. I am going to go take a walk and soak up some California sun sometime this afternoon :)


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