What is Love

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about love and what it means to me. I’ll admit that I had been in a pretty dark place lately, and I am not always the happiest person to be around. The amount of love and support that has been shown to me in this time of need keeps me grounded and makes the tears less painful.

Love is your husband always telling you that it is going to be okay, even when I’m sure that his heart is also breaking whether it is for me, or for our situation.

Love is him being patient with me and keeping me grounded when I am wanting things to happen now.

Love is a hug or a kiss, or tears being brushed off my face when I am sad, or lonely or scared.

Love is friends that will drop whatever they are doing to meet you somewhere and drop whatever they have going on to come over and sit with you just because you need someone to be there even when you don’t want to admit it.

Love is being able to be completely honest about how you feel to friends even when it isn’t nice thoughts and for them to know how you feel because they have been there before. That the hate and sadness will subside and things will get better but there is no timeframe. It is okay to feel the way that you feel and they don’t love you any less because of it. They will even commiserate with you and laugh and or cry if necessary.

Love is friendships that have survived the test of time and new ones that feel like you have known someone for eternity when in reality it has only been 1.5 years that you have known each other.

Love is loving someone else’s child and her showing the love back and enjoying spending time with you as well. Even though you aren’t a cool friend her age. Kids just know these things, and sometimes we need their love more than they will ever know. It may sound small, but the homemade Christmas drawing that LilliJo gave me that hangs on my fridge gives me hope and happiness.

Love is waking up everyone morning to talk to my friend, even if she is already showered and going out to work hard, and her not judging me for “just waking up”. Part of me speculates that she is calling just to make sure that I am okay, but just hearing her voice in the mornings makes me feel better.

Love is spending time with just your husband over the holidays and being so content and happy knowing that it is just you two. Waking up late, and snuggling in a bed of baby kitties who adore their daddy more than mommy.

Love it hard, but if it wasn’t –where would we be now? If everything was easy and just handed over? 


  1. I love this post. Reflection can be very helpful, especially at this time of year.

  2. You are a pretty good person Erin. Everything will work out no matter what it is. Getting to know Dru through you I know that both of you are taking good care of each other and you will be strong and weak together. You have always been a kind and sweet person to me when it comes to me, tracy or the C's..So in return you know that I will be there to listen or read or talk to you and or Dru if you need me. The New year is coming and it will be a great year for us all.

  3. You will come through this. It hurts. It sucks to be you. This will change you. You can't see the end of it, but one day you will be able to look back and know that you survived. You are amazing, wonderful, funny, beautiful, and smart.

  4. I am assuming you cried when you wrote this.....I did! Love is being the friend that will stick by you....LOVE YOU DEAR FRIEND!!!!