It Has Been Too Long

Now that I work with a lot of the top bloggers on the internet I have become slightly embarrassed of this little blog that I started a while ago. But I realized that isn't what matters. Yes maybe I'll never be a kick ass writer like a lot of the ladies that I read on a daily basis, but that is okay. 

So without more ramblings than are necessary I thought that I would check in and write a little post about what has been happening in our casa over the past few months. Yes it's actually been a few months since I posted here. Crazy. 

When I take the time to put my picture of a turkey that I am cooking on the internet via Facebook, PLEASE tell me that the damn thing is upside down. Thanks!

Slightly disturbing eel from dinner at the RainForest Cafe at the Mall of America. 

I have NEVER seen a sign like this, but I must admit that it is a good idea for neighborhood's with lots of traffic. 

Those photos are from November. Dru's little sister came and visited us for the Thanksgiving holiday and we had so much fun! From eating and eating and eating some more, shopping on black friday at the mall of america, cutting down our christmas tree (which might deserve its very own post), going on a juicy lucy pub crawl, 40 oz challenges via Skype, napping, and did I already mention eating? It was a great time!

This is how Dru, Karissa and Austin celebrated Thanksgiving together. 40oz challenge via Skype. I stuck to my Mimosa in the background. Guess who won?


  1. 40 oz. challenge?! That's quite the holiday tradition. Much more accessible (and less allergy-inducing) than egg nog! :D

  2. Nice to see you posting again, Miss Erin! Glad you had a nice time with Karissa. She really is a sweetheart! Guess what? RJ and I are heading to Puerto Vallarta for a MONTH! We leave on Jan. 26th. Hope all is well with you and Dru. Happy Holidays!