Ain't No Body Goin To Die Today

Yes, that was one of my dear mothers Facebook status updates over the weekend. She had the song stuck in her head. The one that I mentioned here that Dru and I walked back out the aisle to on our wedding day. And the song rings true for this year, but not just that lyric.

We're Gonna Have A Good YEAR! Yes, that is what rings most true. This will be a good year, I just know it.

And to top it all off -- I've been peeing in a bucket with a toilet seat attached to it all weekend. I mean, how could a year not be great if that is how you start it out? If any of you are wondering what I am talking about it resembles the below but this isn't the actual bucket or seat in question :-)
Image via google images

I'm being completely serious about the above, and it isn't because I'm crazy. It is because we have spent this amazing holiday weekend up north with some great friends of ours ringing in the new year. We are up at their cabin (actually not returning home until today) where we have enjoyed some good laughs, friendships, ice fishing (I didn't actually catch anything) and relaxation.

I hope that your year is off to a great start. And I must admit I'm pretty excited to return to the land of running water today!

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