Squeaky Mattress

We have squeaky springs on our bed and no it's not because we are having too much fun. I mean obviously we did have to do "it" at least once or else I wouldn't be in the situation that I am in now, but this is a family blog so we will keep it that way. 

Anyway, we have a problem. Our bed, which is fairly new has developed a squeak that is driving us both insane. It only happens when we are both in the bed and it is the most annoying thing ever. The noise completely disappears when it is just me, when Dru gets up early and I roll over for an additional hour or two of sleep. It doesn't squeak "on demand" when you jump or move a lot since we tried testing it last night. It only happens when we are sleeping and move even an inch. I can't handle it anymore, it is driving me insane and I'm ready to kick Dru out for good just so I can get a good night's sleep (in between the 2 hours or so timeframe that I have to pee each and every night). 

Solutions? Home remedies? Any words of advice are welcome! Or else Dru might find himself on an air mattress in Pedro's room for the rest of eternity. 

I've thought about adding 35 lbs (Stan (20) + Molly (15) equals 35lbs give or take) of cat to the mix to see if they even it out, but that presents its own slew of problems that include yelling kitties (Stan) who need attention and petting at 4am. 

I'm SO not ready for sleepless nights just yet - I should have another 7 months left to enjoy my 12+ hours of sleep per night. 

Sometimes you just can't win!


  1. The husband and I fixed our squeaky bed by adding more support under the box spring. An extra piece of wood to the bed frame gave it more support and less give. I'm not sure what type of bed frame you have, but if it's wood, a trip to the nearest lumber store might be in order.

  2. Family blog. So is mine and I blog about bed action all the time. And why do you already assume that you will have sleepless nights? Enjoy it and you may get more sleep that you want. And dont kick dru anywhere. I got his back