Wife of the Year Award

Since I’m pretty sure that my post yesterday about laundry earned me wife of the year status, I’d like to share with you what I did today.

I mopped the floors! Yes, you read that right. And I not only mopped, I did it on my hands and knees with a bucket (or bowl, I couldn’t find a bucket that wasn’t more disgusting than my floors) and bleach and a sponge.

We haven’t had a proper mop since we moved into this house (2.5 years ago, I’m ashamed to admit this). I break mops, and I just feel like I am always moving filth around on the floor. No bueno if you ask me. I’ve always been ashamed of how dirty I thought that our floors are. And between the shedding that Stan, Molly and I do we had some nasty ass floors. The 5 second rule should never ever be applicable in this house. Until today!

I scrubbed, on my hands and knees - the whole kitchen and hallway. And damn it looks good. My hands are another story…I also didn’t have any gloves J
Normal Non-Wrinkly Hand

Bleach Ravaged Gross Hand

The wife of the week award officially goes to me – especially since I am making a homemade dinner consisting of pork chops, apples and probably potatoes (that’s what Dru wants).

How do you mop? Or how do you not mop? It’s cool, we are all friends – please tell me that I’m not the only one who pushed filth around for almost 3 years.


  1. I've lived in my apartment for 2+ years and have never mopped. My roomie has mopped twice. I vacuum the floor a lot and sometimes sweep and love my dust buster...I've even used Clorox wipes. I hate mopping!

  2. Mopping once in a flipping years time doesnt get you anything. Come on. Whats wrong with you. This isnt kiddie soccer where everyone gets a trophy. Get gloves next time please.

    We use a swifter jet mop and the heat steam mop that uses no chemicals.

    I bet Dru can mop better than you.

    Im glad you worked hard