A Stinky Situation

We have a hate/hate relationship with laundry in this house. As in, we both HATE doing laundry. It has turned into a nasty stinky competition (literally) between Dru and I.

I start to get frustrated when his laundry is overflowing in the hamper in our bedroom, so he starts a load. Notice that I said “start”…Thing is, it sits in the washing machine until one of us decides that we need to do laundry again. Did you know that laundry that sits in the washer starts to stink up the machine as well as the clothes? Well come to my house and smell me, because Dru and I are teaching each other a lesson when it comes to laundry. We both wear stinky clothes now, because we don’t want to admit that we suck at laundry.

I even go as far as drying his clothes that sit in the washer for 2 days even though I know they stink and then tell him he has to wear them because it’s wasteful to rewash J Yes, I’m evil, but he does the same to me. I won’t let him dry my clothes, because I don’t dry all of them and there is nothing worse than clothes that are too tight after being washed.

Please tell me that other couples do this. It’s normal, right? Everyone wears stinky clothes because they are either a) too lazy to change the laundry b) full of pride and kind of an asshole c) both?

Did I mention that the laundry room is in the basement? The next house that we live in WILL have laundry on the same floor as our bedroom. 


  1. Ya'll stink. No we do not wear stinky clothes. Well Tracy and the kids dont. I try and limit the amount of clothes I wear during the week, I recycle my clothes. (briefs and sock not included). It is your job to do the laundry as a woman. LOL (see my post today) Just hide all Dru's clothes and see if he can go to work naked. Bet some shit gets done then.

    Calling your Stinky from now on

  2. If you pay me I will come do your laundry.