My dad is an exceptionally smart man – if I had his math skills I’d be the “perfect” woman. Okay, that’s probably a stretch, but he is smart and I’m pretty close to perfect (many skills obtained from you too mom).

Anyways, not the point. Yesterday was my parents 32 wedding anniversary, I had called and talked to my mom in the am (I talk to her often but usually just little chats here and there), but I hadn’t talked to my dad. He was busy working and he doesn’t have fb so I couldn’t send him a quick note, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t text.

My dad is a man of few words. Super smart, intelligent and loveable but he doesn’t say a lot (not like the rest of the jabbermouths in the family). So when I saw that he was calling me yesterday afternoon on my cell phone I was excited/nervous (I was hoping that nothing bad had happened)…

I answered the phone with a cherry “Hello” and was returned with an “ERIN”…I told the stupid thing to call “Erik”…

Turns out my Dad is trying his luck in technology and not exactly winning. Next thing I know he will have a facebook and twitter account. Ahh how they grow up so quickly!

Well hello to you as well dad :-) That’s what you get for not being creative when naming your children – and it’s probably the only time that I have been thankful for one letter separating my name from my big brother’s (who lives by my parents and gets to see them every day). 

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