Time - Or Lack Of

Blogging has taken a back burner lately and I think that it is for a few different reasons...None of which are really that exciting but I feel the need to explain myself and try to get back in my blogging groove.

1. It is finally summertime in Minnesota. There is sunshine rays to catch and soak into my body - a girl's gotta get her tan on and many of my free hours are spent outside in the sun.

2. I have a new workout plan. Every morning of the week is dedicated to fitness. I have been working out since May and couldn't be happier. I ran a 5K on July 4th and have a 10K on the books for Sept. I have found that I love working out and have a great workout partner that goes to the gym with me every morning.

3. I feel great. Life has been good and I love spending time with my family and friends. Busy days and nights don't leave much time for blogging.

4. Now that I think about it - I don't think my blogging will improve until after Sept. I am going back to Cali 3 times in August and September and I am SOO excited to get to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the weddings of 3 amazing people. I am sad that I don't get to go to 2 other weddings (one was last weekend and one is this weekend) but a girl only has so much time off and so many airline miles available...right? Ughh I wish that I had TIME and more Money but don't we all?

That's all for now, Lunch is calling my name and Molly (who still continues to poop on my desk) and Stan need attention.

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  1. I am proud and excited for you and your running. The gym see's my ugly ass all the time but my cardio suffers. I need to do more. Kill the desk pooping cat and make sure you take care of DRU.