A Skin Cancer PSA...Or Lack thereof

I have been neglecting this poor little blog for a while, and it is because I don't really have anything to say or time to say it. Yes, it is true, my life has been so busy and slightly boring that I don't have anything funny to share. No pooping Molly, No crazy Stan, No fun travels or vacations. Just plain old boring life.

But I am happy to report that I have been really good at recording what I eat each day and also trying to work out. I even went for a run today before it got hot. It is supposed to be sunny and beautiful here in Minnesota today. Which can only mean 1 thing. Tanning and book reading.

Yes, a summertime favorite of mine is getting a tan and reading a book. I can usually read a whole book in an afternoon of sun bathing. So it is almost like going to a movie (yet getting skin cancer while I'm at it)...

But I am going to just come out and say it. Skin cancer doesn't really scare me. I know, I am naive and shouldn't lay in the sun, and should wear sunscreen - yada yada. But I don't look good white, I have good genes (thanks mom) and it is relaxing. My mom is a sun worshiper just like me, and she, at her ripe old age :) I won't mention your age mom, but you are not OLD yet...Is still skin cancer free. Yes I think she has had a few moles removed here and there, but we are not really a sunscreen family. Unless you count my pasty white father. He obviously didn't give me my tan genes, because the man is blindly white (minus the GREAT farmers tan on his arms and face). Sorry dad, you are pretty white.

I know that cancer sucks and is dangerous and I shouldn't be tempting fate with laying in the sun, but look at it this way. I do live in the great state of Minnesota. Where it has been winter for the past 8 months. My tanning has been dramatically reduced since moving from the sunny California coast. So I have tacked a few years on my life just by moving :)

Enjoy your Saturday - and get a tan for me...Or wear some sunscreen if you choose.

PSA brought to you by Banana Boat Tanning Lotion *jk they don't know who I am, but they probably should.

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